Why PT Career Fairs don't work...and what to do about it?

Career fair organizers need to take a greater responsibility for not only bringing people to the event but also making sure that employers and candidates are able to make meaningful connections. Too often, the career fair organizers seem to only focus on getting employers and candidates to attend.

The real key is creating an environment so that good relationships can be formed.

Without special attention to relationship development, career fairs become an awkward and unproductive way to spend an afternoon.

Picture a grade school that brings boys and girls together for a dance and then does not play any music. The kids are standing around without an idea of what to do. The career fair organizers need to play the music.

If you attend a career fair, take extra steps to be relaxed, informal and approachable. Students will appreciate meeting you on a more personal level. You can save the formalities for later in the interview process.

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