Top 3 mistakes when recruiting Physical Therapists via Direct Mail.

We often hear from clients who have sent recruitment Direct Mail to PTs in the past with disappointing outcomes. They will say something like, “You can stop right there. Recruitment Direct Mail doesn’t work.”

Here’s the real story: Recruitment Direct Mail works, but ONLY if done correctly.

Within this post we’d like to share some common mistakes that we’ve seen:

1. Incomplete or Inaccurate Mailing list data

Most employers use the state licensure list to obtain the data. In Wisconsin, therapists are able to opt-out of the mailing list. Within this process, their mailing address will not be shared when you purchase the list.

In the case of Physical Therapists, there are about 5344 licensed PTs in WI. The state is able to release addresses for about 2079 of those people. We have taken the full list of approx 5344 and performed manual research to find many of the missing addresses. (The state offers an option to purchase a list that includes names of the Opt-outs.) Using the 2079 addresses provided by the state would only reach about 39% of the licensed PTs in the state.

If your marketing person is using the state’s list, without performing the necessary extra research, you are only reaching the 39% of your target audience. This is a HUGE mistake and the primary reason for the failure of a direct mail campaign. Quality data is of vital importance.

2. A poorly designed postcard / letter

Go to your local Post Office and walk by a trash can, you’ll see a huge mound of “junk mail” from people who own the PO Boxes. If your postcard or letter does not capture SIGNIFICANT interest, it will be tossed away as quickly as possible. Your direct mail piece needs to CAPTURE attention. Physical Therapists are in high demand and most are relatively happy within their current positions. You need to sell them to consider leaving their current position to join your team.

3. Lack of follow-up

Many passive job seekers need an extra bit of encouragement to consider changing employers. Direct Mail is a great door opener, but you often will need a secondary follow-up effort to obtain results. This secondary follow-up effort will involve proactively contacting every person who received your campaign via phone, email, text message or social media. This work is time-consuming, but HIGHLY effective.

Recruitment via Direct Mail is alive and well. It must be performed with a gentle mix of

art and science. We would be happy to consult with your marketing team for your next direct mail project. We’ll share with them the best practices we’ve learned on developing an accurate mailing list. We can discuss ideas for creative designs to capture attention.

And finally, we’ll give an expectation of how many hours they should estimate to perform the necessary follow-up campaign. Our hope is to clean of the image of Direct Mail as a viable proactive recruitment marketing avenue for your difficult to fill Physical Therapist positions.

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