Recruitment with a personal touch.

The most qualified and hireable Physical Therapists want a 1-to-1 connection with a real person who cares about them. They want to be recruited as an individual and respected for the unique value of their skills.

Effective recruiters and hiring managers understand that there is not a mysterious cloud of candidates. The talent pool of Physical Therapists is quite small. According to data from APTA, there are approximately 293,000 PTs in the USA.

One of these individuals or a new grad will fill your next open position. There is not an endless supply of talent, but rather a finite number.

(Adding to the complexity, many PTs keep their license active well in to their retirement years, thus making the number of actively working PTs somewhat smaller.)

Rather than advertising a PT position with hopes that it is seen by the target audience, we can identify and directly engage candidates and then create a system of direct marketing communication to actively reach members of our target audience.

The most effective recruitment of Physical Therapists involves 1-to-1 direct and personal communication with candidates at their level. We need to move beyond the mysterious cloud to identify, engage and inspire the specific individuals who are potentially interested and qualified to fill an opening.

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