PT Recruitment as a Conversation

Many Human Resources professionals understand and have become proficient in the traditional way to fill an open position within their organization.

Here’s usually how it goes: Hiring manager informs HR that a position is open. A job description is written to explain the responsibilities and requirements. The position is posted on job boards, social media, etc. After a few days candidates start to filter in. Before too long, resumes are reviewed to find a group to interview. Some applicants are obviously not qualified and might get a rejection letter or email. Then contact is made with a select few to schedule interviews. The process continues until the position is filled. This is the traditional process that we’re familiar with.

At the same time, we now live in a world where people expect an opportunity for 1-to-1 dialogue between individuals and organizations. Marketing messages, like job descriptions, are no longer a one way street. Most websites allow for people to respond to articles written. Authors often put their email addresses at the end of articles to encourage feedback and conversation. Online videos allow for dialog between the publisher and viewers. Local television stations encourage people to film breaking news for electronic submission. Social Networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, allow users to comment and interact on just about everything.

Unfortunately, many in the Human Resources community have not embraced this change. Candidates are forced to apply on-line. Many HR people are too busy to answer phone calls from candidates or even respond to candidate emails.

Top talent is scratching at the door and many companies don’t take the time to open the communication channels. The focus must shift within the HR community so that organizations can have real “conversations” with interested candidates.

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