Open Book Hiring

We want to hire candidates who are transparent and open with us. If a candidate is guarded, then we will only see what they want to show us. When making a hiring decision, we need to see the full-picture. Be aware of candidates who hold back information.

The interview process and style of interview questions is important as it sets the stage for how the candidate responds. Through mirroring, if interview teams are stuffy and formal then candidates will be reflective in a similar manner.

If we take a more relaxed approach to the interview, we can see a more authentic side of the candidate emerge. This authentic candidate is important as it provides a more accurate portrayal on how the person will perform if hired to join our team.

As an employer, we need to see everything and then make a hiring decision based on the full picture of that candidate. We need to build a genuine rapport with the candidate so that the candidate feels a personal relationship with the interviewer. Through that personal relationship, the candidate will more authentically answer questions.

What can you do within your next interview to create a more relaxed and welcoming approach with candidates?

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