How to Make a Job Offer That Wows Your Candidate

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

You’ve been searching through a haystack of candidates when you’ve finally found it; the Physical Therapist candidate of your dreams. They tick almost every — if not all — of your boxes, they’ve got great experience and, to top it all off, they’re incredibly polite and professional!

So, now it’s time to extend that job offer and put your best foot forward, but how do you ensure that the candidate accepts your offer?

We’re here today to answer that by covering a few tips that can help increase your chances of having a job offer accepted quickly and efficiently.

Fast and Furious

First things first, you’ll want to reach out to your PT candidate to extend the offer as soon as possible. If you believe that the candidate is right for the job, you’ll want to move ahead on the hiring process / job offer. Physical Therapists are in high demand, even hesitating for a day or two can cause you to lose them to another company. Because of this, you’ll want to act fast.

Quickly extending an offer can reduce stress on the candidate’s part while showing that you’re excited and eager to have them on your team. They’ll feel welcome and delighted to hear back from you so quickly, increasing their interest and likelihood in responding positively to the offer. Candidates can lose interest quickly and the speed of the interview process is vital to successfully make a hire.

One Call, That’s All

While sending emails and texts are easy and convenient, they’re never the right answer for something as serious as extending a job offer. Imagine if a doctor sent you an email with the results of a serious medical test; sure, you get the needed information, but it leaves a sour taste in your mouth, even if the news is good.

Instead, opt for a phone call. You’ll avoid leaving that sour taste and will further convey how excited you are to extend a job offer. Even better, you’ll be able to gauge whether your candidate is as eager as you are. They’ll also be less likely to negotiate as hard as they would have in an email as there’s a more personal element to a phone call. This could potentially save you money and time spent negotiating an offer, all while bringing you one step closer to having a brand new PT on your team!

Lay Your Cards Out

After considering your PT candidate’s salary request along with other factors, you’ll want to make sure you leave no ace up your sleeves. No one likes gambling when it comes to a job, so you’ll want to ensure you come off as a professional and not a casino dealer.

Clearly lay out the whole compensation package, including the wage, PTO and sick time, perks such as a signing bonus, and any additional incentives that are included. Show that you want them on your team and are willing to offer what it takes.

When they see you’re serious they’ll be much more likely to put all their chips in rather than hedging their bets.

Follow up in Writing

Make sure you send an email with the job offer after talking on the phone. After all, nothing’s official until you have it in writing, even if they did verbally accept the offer.

You’ll ideally want to send this to your potential PT shortly after speaking with them. Having document templates on file can help you send over an offer letter promptly while avoiding any dire delays.

To make the offer even easier to agree to, consider using software like HelloSign, a program that lets you easily request legally binding eSignatures. With this. you’ll be saving your PT candidate the headache of printing out forms, signing the documents by hand, and scanning it all back in — a tedious process that can leave your candidate treating the offer more as a chore than an exciting event.

Any barrier you can remove will bring you that much closer to an accepted job offer.

Set an Expiration Date

Your candidate will more than likely request to have some time to think about the offer. They may want to wait to hear back from other companies, review the compensation package or talk with their spouse about it, etc.

While it’s fairly common, that time between a yes or no can be nerve-wracking. There’s no problem if they say yes, but if they take too long to say no, you could be finding yourself scrambling to reach out to other candidates who may have already found a different job or lost interest in the position.

To avoid this, set an expiration date on your offer letter. Three to seven days is typical, but the time frame is ultimately up to your discretion. This will ensure that you’ll hear back from them in a timely manner and, if they say no, you’ll have enough time to extend a job offer to the next qualified candidate.

Deal or No Deal

All your efforts have amounted to this long-awaited moment:

Your potential PT is ready to give you their answer.

Ideally, they’ve accepted and are eager to join your team. If so, congratulations on your new Physical Therapist! At this point, you’ll want to make sure that all necessary documents have been signed and that a start date has been agreed upon.

While this is optimal, your PT candidate may unfortunately decline. If this is the case, try to reach out to them and figure out why. Some PT’s — new grads in particular — may be hesitant to negotiate, instead choosing to decline the offer outright. If you’re able to figure out what they need to accept an offer you just may be able to reach a new set of terms, ultimately resulting in that accepted offer you’ve been fighting for.

Thanks for Reading!

As always, we hope you’ve learned some new strategies and tactics that you can utilize to effectively get an accepted offer from Physical Therapist candidates.

While it’s a lot of work to get to that accepted offer, be proud of yourself for getting this far in the process. And, if you’re still struggling to get candidates or need any other help, we’d be happy to offer our services!

With over 12 years in business and a narrow focus on recruitment of Physical Therapists, we’re happy to offer our expert advice and support.

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