How do I hire a PT who will stay with us? We need someone long term!

On some level, all employment is temporary. We want the people we hire to stick around, but we don't really have control over how long they stay. (We also might need to terminate someone after a short time period.)

For better or worst, many PTs only stay at a particular employer for 2-3 years before switching. We're seeing this more common with "younger" PTs. This is more of a macro issue just as the nature of employment shifts to more of a gig economy.

(Rather than a person staying with one employer for their whole career.)

Some organizations hire PTs with a contract in place for perhaps 2 years.

Within this contractual relationship, the person would be "committed" to stay.

This might be one option to consider.

At the end of the day, there needs to be a good fit....where as the clinic owner / hiring manager, you see the person adding value to your team. And at the same time the PT sees your clinic as a desirable place to work and as a fit with their career goals.

We enter the employment relationship with the hope of a long-term fit, but then in practicality the employer or the employee could end that relationship at any time.

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